Dr.M.Edwin Gnanadhas, Ph.D.

A Message from the Principal

Hello !

Thank you for being here. Whether you have already chosen this institution, St John’s College of Arts and Science, for your or your child’s or ward’s higher education or you are considering the college for studies or you are checking out the page as a wayfarer in the internet or for any other purpose, I welcome you. My well wishes are always with you.

As the new Principal of this college that has shown tremendous growth, endearing itself with the people of Kanyakumari district in the past 10 years, I am extremely grateful to the management that has entrusted with me the task of taking forward this institution to greater heights. As we all know this college was born out of a great vision and a mission at a time when higher education is seen by many as an means of profiteering

Setting up the college in Ammandivilai, a shadow region in this district that is known for educational institutions, was a noble idea borne out of a commitment to empower the marginalized sections of society through education.

Now that I am part of this mission, I have reoriented my vision to suit the needs of the local community from which most of the students come from. Their backgrounds could be different from that of most of the students I had taught during the past 36 years of my teaching career, which includes three years as principal, in Scott Christian College, Nagercoil, but I am sure that their aspirations are no different from any student joining a college in this country. It is my duty to help every student realize his or her potential and aspiration

So, as I gear up to lead the students and faculty to achieve excellence in academics, extra-curricular activities and sports by stressing on the need for inculcating a sense of discipline and good character in all stake holders of the institution, I entreat the cooperation and guidance of all well-wishers, parents, students, staff members and the local community.

For St John’s College of Arts and Science to touch greater heights, every stake holder has to play their own role in their own way. Please join me and the management in our journey to make the college a much-sought after institution in the district. At a time when the demand for science and humanities courses is on the increase, this college will play its own role in providing quality education to the local community and people from other parts of the State.

We plan to add more courses in all level of study in the years to come and help the institution evolve into a college of excellence. Thank you for your good wishes.
God bless you!
Dr.M.Edwin Gnanadhas, Ph.D.